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Vote for Charley! ^_^

This is my friend`s cat, Charley. Please vote and comment to help Charley get as more ratings as possible: http://www.petcentric.com/Photos/Detail/Charley-Just-Chilling.aspx?photoid=cdd71d8a-f116-4a0e-b2d0-d05aaceffcde Thank you!

New drawing

Here`s a drawing for natarii-annu aka silverrose14. :) It`s Saki and her OC Natsumi. It was before Saki left Japan and betrayed Yoshi. Natsumi was his girlfriend...

The whole picture:



New SQ drawing

Here`s my new Saki`s Queen picture. It`s from chapter 9, when April`s trying to hold Saki as a hostage. Enjoy! :-)

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Shredder`s bro

Aren`t they the hottest?